The Trainings page is where:

  • Participants learn about and register for Trainings
  • Facilitators and Training Planners manage To-Dos for Trainings they are responsible for.
Each (logged in) user sees what is relevant for them.
Note: A fifth role for Organization HR or other Payee, who pays Training registrations on behalf of Participants, is not shown


Public / Participant View

Next Training

Display information about next training, display ‘Register Now’ button

Training Calendar

Display month-at-a-glance information about upcoming trainings, click on any Training for popup containing training details and ‘Register Now’ button

Register Now

Register for Training
Optionally Pay for Training
  • Direct Pay
  • Accept Pre-Pay


Complete Online Evaluations

Receive Certificates


Facilitator View

Facilitation Invitations

View and respond to pending Facilitation Invitations

Facilitator Prep Sessions

Schedule, Confirm, Certify, Update Facilitator Prep Sessions

Updated Manuals / Materials

Initiate, Acknowledge Receipt of Updated Manuals / Materials

Facilitator Debriefs / Evaluations

Confirm / Complete Co-Facilitator Debriefs / Evaluations


Submit / Review Invoices

Training Planner View

Training Setup

Create New Training / Schedule Existing Training

Write Training Summary

Assign Certificates to Training

Facilitator Invitations

Invite Facilitators

Training Finalization

Select Facilitators
Update Training Details with Facilitators

Publish Training to Public Calendar

Manage Trainee Invitation Email Templates

Send Trainee Invitation Emails

Facilitator Prep Sessions

Confirm Facilitator Prep Sessions, Send Reminders

Updated Manuals / Materials

Review / Ship Updated Manuals / Materials Requests

Training Prep

Generate Certificates
Print Attendee List

Training Evaluations

Review Online Evaluations

Facilitator Debriefs / Evaluations

Confirm Co-Facilitator Debriefs / Evaluations

Release Payments


Review Facilitator Invoices
Send Facilitator Payments

Administrator View

During Virtual Trainings

Address Support Issues